Season 2016-17

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We're excited to mount our largest season yet! Click here to download a PDF schedule

GOD OF CARNAGE • Black Comedy

September 22,23,24, 2016
Directed by Jesse McCallum
Produced by Steve McLean

God of Carnage is the story of two married couples who meet for the first time after their sons have a nasty schoolyard tangle. Michael and Veronica, whose son’s teeth were knocked out, invite Alan and Annette, whose son did the knocking, to their home to settle matters. But any attempt at having a civilized discussion about whose child is responsible for the fight quickly devolves into finger-pointing, name-calling, stomping around and throwing things. And that’s before they break out the rum. Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play.

BUDDY: The Buddy Holly Story • Rock 'n' Roll Musical

Oct. 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 2017
Directed by Blair Scott
Produced by Twyla Jordan

Buddy is a bio-musical about the legendary Buddy Holly. The story concerns Buddy's start in the music business as the lead singer for a country & western band, his transition to rock 'n' roll, his marriage to a Puerto Rican receptionist after a courtship of five hours, his trials and tribulations as a solo artist, and finally his tragic death in an airplane accident.

NUTCRACKER • Musical Ballet

December 2016

Directed by Shauna Milne
Produced in association with Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy and Northern Dance Theatre Society

The story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle against a Mouse King with seven heads.

WIZARD OF OZ • Family Musical

February 9, 10, 11, 16,17,18, 2017
Directed by Bronwyn Hall
Musical Direction by Nadine Aulin
Choreography by Carly Dick

When a twister drops Dorothy into the Land of Oz, only one thing is certain: she's got to find a way back to home. A heartwarming musical tale of her journey down the yellow brick road and back to Kansas include inspiring new friends and defeating new foes. The adventure draws out the best in Dorothy and her new friends as they travel to the fabled Emerald City to meet the Great Oz and beyond. This imaginative adaptation captures the heart of L. Frank Baum's classic tale.

DINNER RUSH at the Colosseum • Crime Drama, Dinner Theatre

Feb. 14, 23, 24, 25, 2017
Written & Directed by Matt Preprost and Rob Brown
Produced by Sue Popesku

All Louis Cropa wants is a stiff drink and a nourishing meal at his own restaurant for a change. But La Mediterreanea is the hottest restaurant in town and diners are lined up out the door looking for a bite of his son Duncan's haute cuisine. Waiting for a table are a police detective, a newspaper critic renowned as the 'food nymph,' a Wall Street broker, and a pair of goons who want their cut of Cropa's family business.

WHAT CORBIN KNEW • Mystery Farce

April 27,28,29, 2017
Directed by Les Anderson
Produced by Karma Pratt

Richard Corbin is an architect with a posh skybox and an odd bunch of acquaintances: Marshall and Margo who are well-off, suburban, and obnoxious; and Arno and Thada, who are struggling, bohemian, and obnoxious. Equal parts ingenious, unpredictable and hilarious, What Corbin Knew is a fast-paced farce wrapped inside a mystery. As events unfold in the skybox, Corbin appears to be the odd man out, always missing the action. His friends, in contrast, become mired in their own vicious relationships. By the end of the night, we get to see everything the clueless Corbin missed when he was out of the room, giving us an astonishing new perspective.


May 18, 19, 20, 2017
Directed by Melissa Paakkonen
Produced by Suzanne Lawson & Emily Blanchette

In a fancy, over-the-top, Southern wedding, the play’s premise is simple: throw together a mixed and mostly bitter party of five bridesmaids and let them steal away from the reception to repeatedly dish the shallow bride and guests. With the help of a little booze, initial venting about their current situation soon develops into tales of malaise about where they are in life and then more potent social commentary. As the afternoon wears on, these five very different women joyously discover a common bond and lifelong friendships have been forged.