Seascape - March 2002

Seascape by Edward Albee
Directed by June Ainsworth & Teela Gould

As the play opens, we discover Charlie and Nancy relaxing on the beach after a picnic lunch. A long-married couple on the verge of old-age, they begin to discuss their expectations for the future. Just as they have reached what seems like a state of impasse, the extraordinary comes to them in the form of Leslie and Sarah, a pair of human-shaped, talking lizards that climb up onto the dune to explore an unknown world. Dignity, jealousy, arms, legs and breasts are some of the things they share ..... or do they?
June Ainsworth - Nancy
Dave Eaton - Charlie
Mike Odowichuk - Leslie
Terry Boyle - Sarah

Peace River Zone Festival Results
Best Production
Best Director - Teela Gould
Best Actor - Dave Eaton
Best Actress - June Ainsworth
Best Supporting Actor - Mike Odowichuk
Best Supporting Actress - Terry Boyle
Best Set Design - June Ainsworth
Best Technical Execution - Oliver Hachmeister
Best Costumes - Marion Truscott