Self Help - February 2007

Director-Blair Scott ,   Stage Mananger-Coral Spelsberg

"SELF HELP" is a wacky comedy, directed for Stage North by Blair Scott . It is a laugh a minute following the ups and downs of a married couple, Hal and Cindy, as they become nationally renowned self-help gurus. Desperately trying to hold on to their fame, they find themselves with a dead body in the study, a detective in the hall and a nosy reporter prowling the second floor.

Terry Boyle and Rob Laventure play Cindy and Hal with dramatic style and quirky delivery. Chalene Scott plays the shy and retiring maid, Bernice, who takes the teachings of Hal and Cindy to heart and in a final fit of frustration turns the tables on the troubled twosome. Christine Unger is the confident agent; Augustine Earmme is Detective Snow and Phil Sequin is Jeremy Cash, the Investigative Reporter. The entire cast, like the play, is high energy.