Disney's Beauty & the Beast - December 2006

Director-Oliver Hachmeister   Producer-Dave Eaton   Stage Manager-Dave Ortynsky

The stage adaptation of the animated Walt Disney film about a strong-willed young woman, Belle, who breaks the spell that turned a handsome prince into a monstrous beast. Trying to save her beloved (but eccentric) father from the Beast's clutches, Belle agrees to become his prisoner forever. But once she is inside the Beast's enchanted castle, the members of his court -- who have been transformed into household objects like clocks and candlesticks -- decide to play matchmakers. As the Beast begins to fall in love with Belle, he becomes progressively less beastly. But the spell can be broken only if the Beast can get her to love him in return. And time is running out. Songs include "Be Our Guest," "Human Again," "Gaston" and the title number.