Legoland - April 2008

Legoland by Jacob Richmond
Directed by Terry Boyle 

Penny and Ezra, the infamous Lamb siblings, extradited to Canada after a brutal attack on one of America's most beloved pop stars, give a presentation of the harrowing odyssey at their high school. A contemporary Vaudeville routine with ukulele, puppets, and gangster rap presented by the "Gruesome Twosome" Canada's youngest drug cartel.

May 2008 - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival at the Kiwannis Performing Arts Centre in Dawson Creek

 Peace River Zone Festival Awards

 Mainstage Workshop Play Results

  • Best Actress - Chalene Scott
  • Best Technical 
  • Adjudicator's Special Mention Terry Boyle
  •  Outstanding Ensemble Work - Chalene & Zac Scott