Colosseum Feb 2017


Crime Drama • Dinner Theatre
February 14, 24, 25 2017
Pomeroy Hotel & Conference Centre, Fort St. John

$60 - Individual | $120 - Party of Two | $450 - Party of Eight

All proprietor Lou Largo wants is a stiff drink and a quiet meal to honour his fallen friend. But not tonight. Colosseum is the hottest restaurant in town and the line-up is out the door with diners who've had reservations for months.

On the guest list this evening: a Wall Street broker, a newspaper critic, and two hoodlums looking for their cut of Largo's family business.

As their demands pile up, Largo must also juggle his books and business: his waitress looking for a way out, his sous chef looking for one last bet, and his celebrity head chef son looking to assume reign of his empire.

Join Stage North and the Pomeroy Hotel for an explosive and immersive dinner theatre experience featuring six stages of sizzling drama and more than sixty succulent minutes of live music.

Where will you be seated when the last meal gets served?

TONIGHT'S ITALIAN menu features...

• Antipasto, artichokes, olives, salami, capicolla, sun dried tomatoes
• Chicken Saltimbocca, prosciutto wrapped, fresh sage, natural jus
• Spaghetti Vongole, manila clams, garlic white wine sauce
• Baked tortellini, mushroom alfredo
• Green salad, olives, pepperoncini, onion, tomato, crouton
• Garlic bread
• Lemon Sorbet | Coffee and Tea