Disc-Continued Feb 2013

Commercial fashion design is serious business. The skill, talent and training plus the connections required to make it big can be overwhelming. To those who wish to have some fashion fun, designing can be enlightening, creative, and entertaining with little or no knowledge of fashion. Apparently fashion design has no boundaries.


Who would have thought that recycling CD’s and DVD’s could make clothing look like this? The flash on this outfit was designed by Karen Rutledge who admits to having no fashion nor design training. Karen was inspired by the Fashion and Form competition last February at Stage North’s Oscar Night on the Big Screen. In 2012, Stage North Theatre Society in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada launched a competition and fashion show of dresses made of recycled movie film to honour the pending demise of movie film which will be replaced by digital.


As a follow up to a successful fashion competition with movie film, Stage North is issuing a new challenge to those who wish to be creative with fashion. Disc-Continued is the title of the February 24, 2013 Fashion and Form competition. Everyone, experienced or not, can enter the competition to design clothing and forms with CD’s and DVD’s.  The competition is judged by local people knowledgeable in fashion and art. The fashions will be judged separately from the art forms this year and each category will have cash prizes awarded.


Registration is open now to enter the competition. Registration is only $25. No experience or training is required to work your creative magic with CD’s and DVD’s. To register to enter the competition, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 250-785-6214.


Karen has a few construction tips to pass along. Since few people have tried working with CD’s in this way, she had no sources of previous information and learned through trial and error.

·        Use super glue- it is the least expensive and available at the Dollar Store.

·        CD-RW’s work the best as the backing does not crack off when cut.

·        Scissors work best for cutting.

·        Remember that outfits totally covered in CD’s are not flexible so keep this in mind for your model’s movements on the runway.

·        Fishing line works well but requires small holes to be drilled.


A video has been made for the Disc-Continued competition with the help of Benjamin Haab at Eagle Vision who donated time, equipment and expertise for the video.  “The Move” dancers directed by Nicole Schoepp gave their time to dance in the video and will be featured at the February 24 event. Karen produced the film at On the Rocks and it can be viewed on U-Tube


On February 24 during the 2013 Oscar Night on the Big Screen, the newly created “Disc” fashions will be exhibited at On the Rocks nightclub. A fashion show will be part of the evenings events. Tickets are only $15 and available now North Peace Cultural Centre in Fort St. John, B.C. or online at tickets.npcc.bc.ca