Death and the Maiden - May 2012

By Ariel Dorfman
Director Rob Laventure | Producer Pam Laventure

Paulina, a political activist, is convinced that her unexpected guest, and agent for the government, Dr. Miranda, is the sadistic man who once brutally tortured her. She takes him captive to determine the truth. She is torn between her psychological repressions and vivid memories of the event. Paulina's husband is torn between his wife and the law, and Dr. Miranda is forced to endure captivity while husband and wife seek out the uncertain truth about the clouded past. This dramatic play is extremely intense and emotional with the characters unrepentant and believing the perceived verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The truth however, lies in the balance.

Death and the Maiden will be on stage at the North Peace Cultural Centre May 3, 4, 5, 2012 at 7:30 pm Tickets are available from the box office, by phone at (250) 785-1992 and online.  Adults $25, Students & Seniors $20 and Children $15