Fuel - May 2011

by Jerod Blake

Directed by Blair Scott


Fuel” is an award winning semi auto-biographical One Act Play based on the author’s personal battle with addiction.

The playwright takes a unique perspective, humanizing the addiction, giving it feelings and human emotions in order to explore its very controlling, manipulative and destructive nature as the addict it inhabits, struggles to get sober.

Addiction, simply called The Narrator, (J. P. Wood) is embodied in the form of a writer who authors extremely dark and powerful manifestos. He is a tortured soul who becomes “unnaturally” involved in one story in particular: the story he has been writing of Jonathon King, (Gilles Francoeur) the embattled addict/alcoholic. The Narrator becomes enveloped in this story, so much so, that he starts to lose focus on what his job as addiction is supposed to be, until he becomes, himself, addicted to the story of Jonathon King.

The journey we embark on with The Narrator is a parallel to the alcoholic/addict who just can’t get recovery ... or can.

Fuel won several awards at the Peace River Zone Theatre Festival including: Best Production, Best Director (Blair Scott), Best Actor (Gilles Francoeur) and Best Supporting Actor (J. P. Wood). This performance will allow Stage North to mount the production once more prior to competing with it at the Provincial theatre competition, "Mainstage", in July.

Stage North will present "Fuel" on June 24th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available from the box office, by phone at (250) 785-1992 and online. All seats $20.00. Contains adult content and language. Funds raised from this performance will be used to offset costs associated with taking the show to Mainstage.


Zone Festival Results

Best Production
Best Actor: Gilles Francouer
Best Supporting Actor: J.P. Wood
Best Director: Blair Scott

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