Stage North History

Peace Region theatre began as a voice for local thespians in 1952 when several new residents gathered with some old hands to put on a play for the local gentry. It was not without challenges however as the group struggled with the many additional requirements of public performance. In spite of these awkward situations the performance was very memorable.

Stage North was formed in 1978 as the drama program in Northern Lights College by Brian Paisley who later went on to found the world famous Edmonton Fringe Festival.  Stage North has constantly striven for excellence in all types of performance from comedy to drama to musicals to improv.  To learn more about Stage North's past please visit our Past Shows page.

Today, Stage North encourages many groups and actors to participate in it's projects. We have members who have just left their high school drama groups as well as seasoned actors who take on many roles in productions to see that both audience and thespians enjoy a well presented production.

Stage North has been a strong supporter of Theatre BC since 1953 and in turn Theatre BC has provided support for our efforts including festival adjudication and excellent professional workshops to help all of us develop our craft.

We encourage you to take an active part in theatre in your community. Whether you are interested in becoming a member of your local community theatre or are just curious about theatre life or, most importantly require ticket information, contact us; we love talking about ourselves.